Principles of Life

The attributes and descriptors below define the vision for the types of students and adults that LIFE School for Leadership Arts strives to develop through the programs in our community.  Every decision we make is run through this filter before we proceed.


1. Compassion and Generosity

We are considerate of all creatures.  We listen, respect, and honor the feelings of all our companions throughout our leadership journey.  We voluntarily offer and share creative solutions to achieve wholeness and wellness at optimal levels, to thrive and function at our absolute best!


2. Optimism and Gratitude

We radiate deep gratitude, and we think powerful thoughts!  We explore new possibilities and develop intellectual capacities to discover, create, and enrich new realities.


3. Respect for Self and Others

We believe that we have been wonderfully made by our Creator! We are worthy, and we matter.  We love ourselves and treat all creations with kindness and care. We have a sense of confidence, honor, pride, and dignity in our choices that nourishes our body, soul, and spirit while making the world around us a better place.


4. Integrity

We conduct ourselves in all interactions with honesty and dignity. We practice consistent, uncompromising morally ethical values, even when no one is looking.


5. Honoring Diversity

We are all created with a unique and divine purpose. We seek to understand, then be understood. We give fair and balanced opportunities to all, amidst our differences in culture, perspective, and beliefs, to transform our current situation into something amazing.  We celebrate our differences and strive for unity rather than similarity.


6. Persistence

We radiate conscientiousness through trust and faith in our Creator.  We take our duty and role seriously. We set our goals, maintain focus, and we have a strong sense of purpose despite difficulty or opposition. We believe that we will succeed!


7. Accountability

We radiate a high degree of morality and responsibility for our actions.  We lead by example and create a culture of joyful excellence for everyone in our home family, school family, and global family.



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